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Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes:

(joining of the pieces) at Phillips Machine & Stamping Corp. typically done by resistance spot or projection welding, binding with adhesives, semi-tubular or eyelet riveting, internal or external self-clinching threaded fasteners, or  more bending in the form of a crimped or hemmed seam.

Structural steel and sheet metal are the usual starting materials for fabrication, along with the welding wire, flux, and fasteners that will join the cut pieces. 

Phillips Machine & Stamping Corp., relies on both local manual labor and automation to deliver the project on-time and to the customers specifications.

The product resulting from fabrication may be called a fabrication. Shops that specialize in this type of metal work are called fab shops but, we look at our work and ourselves as much more. We believe you can find your quality, delivery and cost answers to all your metalworking questions here in one place.

Raw materials

Standard raw materials used by Phillips Machine & Stamping Corp. are;

Cutting and Burning

The raw material has to be cut to size. This is done with a variety of tools.

Our most common way to cut material is by Shearing (metalworking);

Our special vertical and horizontal band saws are designed for cutting metal have hardened blades and a feed mechanism for even cutting. Abrasive cut-off saws, also known as chop saws, are similar to miter saws but with a steel cutting abrasive disk. Our Cutting torches can cut very large sections of steel with little effort.


Typical fab shops will generally have a limited machining capability including; metal lathes, mills, magnetic based drills along with other portable metal working tools.

Phillips Machine & Stamping Corp. has both the capability and the capacity to manufacture your metal components, assemble and then arrange for secondary heat treatment, coating or plating processes.


Resistance welding is the main focus of steel fabrication at Phillips Machine & Stamping Corp. The formed and machined parts will be assembled into place using a fixture to locate parts then checked for accuracy using dimensional measurements and mechanical torque or pull-out tests.

Our resistance weld operator  then completes spot or projection welding per the engineering drawings  to the defined work instructions and identifies the status and storage of project according to ISO-9001 procedures.


And higher-level specializations such as:

  • prototyping/
  • sub-contract manufacturing
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